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Lil’ EliteHouse @ Nexus,
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Unit 2-1, Level 2, Nexus, Bangsar South,
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Lynette Tan
Centre Director
The heart of human excellence often begins to beat when you discover a pursuit that absorbs you, frees you, challenges you, and gives you a sense of meaning, joy and passion.  ”
– Author unknown

In 2012, I took the courage to leave a promising career which I have built for eleven years in one of the big accounting firms. It is for a simple reason that I left, which is to grow together with my three year old daughter then. She inspired me to pursue my next dream and passion. With a dream in mind, I started Mandarin Lighthouse at Desa Sri Hartamas with Emily, Nicole and Caren. This Mandarin Montessori set-up has then become a perfect learning ground for all young children who prepare to enter any Chinese primary schools in Malaysia.

The journey in building Mandarin Lighthouse was priceless and indeed created a solid stepping stone for myself in the children education sector. I realised that being together and growing with little children is where my heart belongs.

As I was leading the English and Phonics department for Mandarin Lighthouse, I did extensive research, accumulated and implemented effective phonics teaching in the school. I started delivering phonics program for children from 1½ to 6 years old using a combination of few international linguistic materials. The results were effective and amazing.

Along the way, being a person who has always been inspired by this quote – “Trapped by reality, freed by imagination.” -Nicolas Manetta, I created and started teaching a fun doodling program called “Doo the Doodle”. The program helps children to pen down their imaginations, talk about their masterpiece and most importantly, boost their creativity.

Whilst I was living my dream career during this period, I learned that young children thirst for knowledge all the time and every child is gifted in a different way. The gift of the child can only be groomed with adequate and right teaching. Hence, as a mother, I never cease to explore good programs for my daughter in order for her (and myself) to realise her area of giftedness, interest and passion.

I empathize with parents who ferry their children from one class to another for being tired, mentally drained out to stay alert of the safety of surroundings and time consuming to be stuck in the city’s traffic. So, not all parents manage to send their children to all the programs in their wish list.

With the desire to help these parents to overcome such issues, a One Stop Learning Centre @ Lil’ EliteHouse, Nexus, Bangsar South is set-up. At Lil’ EliteHouse, we have put in place the International English Montessori Preschool , a solid Chinese Preparatory Program at Zhi Xiang Mandarin Preschool, The Enrichment House Corporation and infant care to provide a wholesome offerings for all parents! This centre strategizes in streamlining various programs with multiple approaches of multisensory learning aiming to meet children and parents’ expectations.

We hope that every child is given the opportunity to explore their giftedness! Your child may be the next Albert Einstein, Pablo Picasso or Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart!
Ng Mee Lin
Head of Zhi Xiang Mandarin Preschool
My career has been evolving around education after I graduated. I have been in the education industry for 20 years and have taught Mandarin at public school, private school and international school for 14 years. These experiences have provided me with the knowledge and skills to prepare children to build a solid foundation of Mandarin to enter into any Chinese Primary School, Private School or International School.

Teaching in the education industry is an honourable career. Our children’s learning process, discovery journeys and educational experiences are crucial as they embrace any knowledge and skills. These experiences will grant them the lifelong learning quests and cultivate them to yearn for knowledge even after they graduate from university. The knowledge and skills do not only assist our children to achieve their best academic results, but most importantly it moulds and develops their characters and attitudes from childhood into responsible adulthood and paves the way for a happy and successful life.

Learning begins from birth. Infants learn to lift their heads, roll their bodies, sit, crawl, stand, walk, and constantly explore their surroundings. My belief in early childhood education is based on individual natural learning ability. Each child holds a different learning style, ability and progress level, thus, it is important to develop their learning ability individually.

I feel privileged and honored to be part of the Zhi Xiang Mandarin Preschool team in Lil EliteHouse. I can’t wait to embark on this journey with all our children and parents at this Mandarin preschool which prepares them to join any Chinese Primary school. Our mission stays steadfast:
  1. Prepare young children to enter into Grade One of Chinese primary school.
  2. Develop the student’s interest in the language using inquiry method.
  3. Broaden their perspectives of life by understanding the various cultures of the world.
  4. Understanding of one another and being able to deal with other people around the world with empathy and consideration.
Every child is an angel. It is definitely a rewarding experience to grow together with them as they learn this beautiful language, Mandarin .
Audrey Kua
Mathlink Director
It has been 8 years since I embarked into the education line and there is never a day which I did not learn something new either from the system or the kids themselves.

I have been teaching in private and international schools, with the highest level in the pre-university. It was a fruitful journey where I have learnt so many different teaching and learning methodologies for the different level of students. These exposures have also enlightened me with the importance of early childhood education and how it affects the children as they move on with their lives emotionally and academically.

On top of that, with the birth of my lovely daughter four years back, it has made me thought hard on how to educate my child the right way. Lots of researches have been done with different methodologies suggested but at the end of the day, I believe that every child is unique and the child has to develop at his/her own pace. What is important is how the child is being developed to be an inquirer, to be knowledgeable and also to be a caring young adult as to prepare them to face the challenges in the later days.

Lil’ EliteHouse is built with the vision to provide a stimulating environment to help every child to develop a solid foundation under a creative and happy learning environment and inspire the child to aspire for greater heights and continue the quest for lifelong learning.

With the birth of Lil’ EliteHouse as a one stop learning centre, I hope that we will be able to encourage our children to be compassionate, active and lifelong learners to create a better world.