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As countries across the globe are interconnected to one another, being multilingual has become essential in today’s world.

Malaysia is a multicultural country where people are used to learning multiple languages including English, Malay, Mandarin and Tamil. Lately, many parents from different races and backgrounds are encouraging their children to pick up different languages.

Of recent, due to China’s fast economic growth, the Mandarin Language is making great importance as the upcoming second most important language in the world.

At Lil’ EliteHouse, we offer Mandarin preschool session from age 4 to 6 years old. When learning a second language, it is always beneficial to start at a young age as children have ability to pick up tones, pronunciation and word recognition. By mastering a second language, it teaches you that there are several ways of expressing an idea and results in the ability to achieve greater divergent in thinking.

Our objective is to:
Prepare young children to enter into Grade One of Chinese primary school
Develop the student’s interest in the language
Broaden their perspectives of life by understanding the various cultures of the world
Understanding of one another and being able to deal with other people around the world with more empathy and consideration.

As more languages are showing equal importance, it is necessary to implement the habit of learning a language that is different from what we are used to.
Our Curriculum
Pre-school education focuses on efforts to provide meaningful and fun-learning opportunity to children aged four to six years. The main focus is the children centered teaching and learning process, emphasizes on inquiry and discovery, and teaching and integrated teaching and learning approaches, thematic, learning through play concept, contextual learning and project-based learning. The main principle used is the approach and content of learning should correspond to the different stages of individual child development and taking into account individual differences through differentiation. Through the process of effective teaching and learning, children will acquire the basic concepts and skills that will help them continue learning in the primary school in the future.
Mandarin Language
Our Mandarin program emphasizes the importance of the language through the four basic concepts: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing as in accordance to the MOE National Curriculum for Preschool. Children at our Mandarin preschool will learn these skills through fun-learning activities, for example; games, story-telling, rhymes and pictograph. They will also be exposed to Chinese poems, songs and Chinese cultural practises. At our Mandarin preschool, we will focus on continuous assessment for a more holistic development in each individual child. Children at the Mandarin preschool will not only acquire the language skills but also will develop their attention 注意力, observation 观察力, memory 记忆力, imagination 想象力 and thinking skills 思维能力 through the incorporation of project-based and thematic learning using specialized teaching materials from overseas.
Children have an increased capacity for learning math concepts. They will be taught to use logical reasoning to solve everyday problems, and will effectively use language to compare and describe objects and shapes. They will know some variations of a circle, square, triangle and rectangle. They will learn the days of the week, months, seasons, and able to tell time. They will learn to think critically and independently to problem solving.
The overall goals of children's development in science are to deepen their conceptual understandings of the world around them, to increase their comprehension of how science is practiced and to develop their abilities to conduct scientific investigations. Adults can help children achieve these goals with a supportive environment.

Children approach the world with great curiosity and use their imaginations to help understand it. Hands-on explorations help them to separate reality from fantasy. They can participate in the planning and implementation of simple scientific investigations, and over the course of the year, will increase their abilities to make observations, gather information, compare data, identify patterns, describe and discuss observations, and form explanations and generalizations.
Cultural Awareness & Moral Education
The importance of social and emotional development is seen in every area of a child's life. A child will have a strong foundation for later development if he or she can manage personal feelings, understand others' feelings and needs, and interact positively with others. Differences in social and emotional development result from a child's inborn temperament, cultural influences, disabilities, behaviours modelled by adults, the level of security felt in a child's relationships with adults, and the opportunities provided for social interaction.

Moral education will be nurtured at all time at the Mandarin preschool program. Moral education is not conducted through any specific activity but will be applied through all of the activities conducted in the preschool. The values ​​as according to the National Curriculum Standards for Preschool is as follows: trust in God, kindness, responsible, grateful, good manners, respect, love, justice, courageous, honesty, diligence, cooperation, simplicity, tolerance, self-reliance and discipline.
English Language
At Zhi Xiang Mandarin Preschool, phonics based program is used to prepare the English Language subjects before our child enter Chinese Primary School. Phonics based program, Whole Word Recognition, Development of reading and spelling, Reading & Comprehension which are based on the MOE curriculum are used to encourage children to have a solid foundation in the language.
Malay Language
At Zhi Xiang Mandarin Preschool, Malay syllable based program is used to introduce the Malay Language to our children. This is based on the MOE curriculum in the Chinese School, where whole world recognition, understanding and usage of words, development of spelling, reading and comprehensive skills be introduced based on their respective stages.
Extended approach: Inquiry based approach for 5 & 6 years old
Young children of ages 5 and 6 years at Lil’ EliteHouse are offered many opportunities to engage in a wide range of materials and resources that extend and challenge their thinking, which in turn encourage them to be competent thinkers and communicators. Students are given the opportunity to explore traditional subject areas through units of inquiry. These subject areas are organised around themes that provide the framework for the exploration of knowledge and with series of exercises and work sessions. Example, if the theme is on the subject about ‘Float or Sink’. The Directress will explain the meaning and reasons of the topics. Children will be given a task to find few items from home and conduct a simulation in school and share with the group. Then, all children are encouraged to develop a short summary or a sketch summary of the items they brought to the school with a summary explanation of what they have observed and understood.

Through the inquiry-based approach, our children cultivate an understanding of essential concepts, attain important skills and knowledge, develop individual attitudes, and learn socially responsible actions.